Argyle Township Court House & Archives Calendar 2007
Soldiers from Glenwood and the Argyles

On the left is a professional family portrait taken by the Yarmouth Portrait Co. in 1916-1917 of Pte. Elgin Clifford Roberts and his wife Beatrice and son Melford. Small photos top row l to r: Captain Charles Sydney Frost. This photograph of Frost as a private was printed on postcard stock and mailed from Cairo in 1915. Frost enlisted in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, “ The Fighting Newfoundlander” in 1914. He contracted enteric fever at Galliopli, was seriously wounded at Gueudecort, and was awarded the military cross for gallantry at Kieberg Ridge for carrying a wounded comrade across No Mans’ Land back to Allied lines. Pte. James Allison Ricker enlisted in the 112th Overseas battalion in 1915. He was sent to France with the Royal Canadian Regiment. On August 26, 1918 he was wounded, for the second time, taken prisoner and died the next day. He is buried in the British cemetery of Cabaret-Rougein Souchez, France. Bottom Row l to r: Hugh Campbell pitman. He was a lumberman before enlisting in the CEF an on return worked in the gold mines in Guysborough county and with construction and paving crews in Yarmouth and Shelburne counties. Amos Hilton Forbes enlisted in the 1st CMR in North Battleford Sk in 1915 where he was farming. He was transferred to the 8th Infantry Brigade, wounded (shell shocked probably) in Aachen in 1916, and captured by the Germans. Ultimately he returned to farm in Saskchewan and there married and had four children.