Argyle Township Court House & Archives Calendar 2007
Argyle war brides

Some young European women met and married men from Argyle during or shortly after WWII. Top row l to r Yvonne (DeLetter) LeBlanc from Ghent, Belgium married Arthur LeBlanc in 1946. Freda (Thatcher) Andrews from Francome, Surrey married Lawrence Andrews in 1941. Marie Catherine “Toos” (Verberk) Surette, a Dutch war bride, married Clément Surette in 1946. Bottom row l to r: Anna ”Annie” (Muts) LeBlanc from Bussum, Holland married Eddie LeBlanc in 1945. Eileen (Coltman) Hatfield from Welland Garden City, Hertfordshire married Cpl. Hubert “Toots” Hatfield in 1949. Ruth (Fulde) Hatfield from Breslau, East Germany married Roger Stafford Hatfield in 1955.